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Entry #31

My JD4D Feature

2011-07-24 14:13:34 by mr-jazzman

Check it. Pretty sick, eh? >:D


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2011-07-25 00:06:44

Congrats on your JDFD feature; you deserve it.

Your music truly gets better and better as time passes. Compare this song to earlier songs you've made and you can really sense the improvement in just about every aspect, whether it be mastering, EQing, the
compression, choice and quality of sound, etc.

Keep it brutal :D


2012-01-08 08:27:10

Very sick track :) That clap/snare/crash is just massive as well, and theres one sound that made me chuckle at 1:06, but like all the other sounds it just fits so well :D 6 months late and it still kicks ass lol. I gotta head over to your youtube page to hear some more recent shit

mr-jazzman responds:

Ah Zenon, thanks as always! Unfortunately you won't find much new on my Youtube page atm; this past semester at school killed me. :( However, I am working on some new stuff at the moment that should prove to be quite good! ;D Keep looking; I wanna get something new up within a week or two...hopefully I'll do that instead of throwing it to the wayside like everything else! :P


2016-12-05 14:39:09

Very epic song and yeah... very sick!