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Hello fellow NGers! Just a quick update.

I think I’m starting to settle on a sound that I like. I have the better part of 2 songs mapped out, totally opposite of one another; one is more melodic, while the other is more dark and ambient. I’m excited about both and can’t wait to share them with the world! I’m thinking about including them in an EP that I’m going to call “Essence”, which will encapsulate both “Light” and “Dark” essences...I’ll try to think of a more creative title later.

It’s been difficult getting back into this, but there’s a few things I’ve learned:

  1. It’s OK to stick to what you know if it works. Example: I know Massive very well. When I came back into it, I saw that Serum had been added to everyone’s arsenal and felt some pressure to add it as well. The problem is, it’s expensive and totally different from what I’m used to. Does it do anything better than Massive? Most definitely, and I may get it someday in the future. But, it’s not necessary to create amazing music, and I hope you’ll see that when I finally release these tracks.
  2. It’s OK to use samples (not just drum samples). I’ve always had this notion that using samples makes you unoriginal. However, this stunted my creativity, as there are many cool ways to employ samples. Not only, but many of the samples available come pre-mixed and pre-mastered, so getting them to fit into the mix isn't so much of a chore.
  3. Don't give up. I used to have a habit of creating an idea and immediately becoming bored with it, so I'd save it as a "Sketch"; there are many examples of this from my catalog from years ago. I never took the time to really develop an idea. Then, I remembered what I did when I entered the NGADM all those years ago: just WRITE. The easiest way to do this is to create a 4-bar motif, then a complimentary 4-bar motif, then use symmetry to vary those two motifs and put a transition cadence within the last bar. Now you have a 16-bar theme that can be used anywhere in your song, and all other instruments should compliment this. Variation is the key and can take time, but it should all tie back to the 16-bar theme you created.

I'm hoping the next announcement I make is my plan for release of these 2 songs. Big things are coming, my friends! All I ask is for a little more patience (which I imagine is in short supply after 10 years).


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