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Refractions: The Sequel to My Dubstep Masterpiece

2011-02-27 22:52:39 by mr-jazzman

Hi there folks! Many of you may think that I haven't been alive. But it's in fact been the exact opposite for me. I've been creating some absolute masterpieces of late, and I hope to be releasing them soon. Among them (and besides the Reflections 2 that I've been planning to release at some point this year) is a song that I'm titling "Refractions," my sequel to what many claim is one of the best dubstep tunes on NG, "Reflections." Keep your ears peeled for this one, because I hope to release a demo of it shortly here for y'all to nibble on as I continue to work on my EP.

Also, many thanks to everyone who voted in the Indaba Run The Heart Remix Contest for me! As a result of your votes, I came in 4th place overall -- good enough to win the merchandise! When it finally gets mailed to me, I'll show y'all exactly what you helped me win! =D

Thanks a bunch, and keep on rockin' (or skankin', whichever you prefer. ;) )

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,


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2011-02-27 23:48:06

>Give your own work the status of "masterpiece"

You're not into yourself at all.

(Updated ) mr-jazzman responds:

Nope, not at all. But I am into my music. ;D


2011-03-03 22:14:17

Dude.. I loved Reflections, so much.. I've been getting into dubstep lately and have been in awe whenever i hear the sounds your bass makes in that song..teach me? xD kidding you dont have to :P so anyways your a freakin amazing dubstep producer and i know Refractions is going to be a kick ass song for sure. and yeah.. reflections is definalty one of the best dubstep songs on NG for sure. I would love a PM or something when you put on Refractions :D that would be awesome thanks man

mr-jazzman responds:

For sure man, personal PM! =)


2011-03-05 20:39:42

Hey mate, just a heads up to tell you that this stupid chick is stealing Newgrounders' songs and uploading them on SoundCloud as her own, and unfortunately your song "Iron God" Is one of the ones she's stolen. d
You're not the only NG member who has been ripped off ( 234907/3), but you might want to report it.

mr-jazzman responds:

Already workin on it bro, thank you very much for bringing this to my attention! You deserve to rank up to like General Protector or something on NG for you actions. ;)


2011-03-06 17:27:07

No problem! Being a fellow producer, I'd be flipping out if someone did this to me. Gotta help each other out, amirite? :P

(Updated ) mr-jazzman responds:

Yes sir. I helped out xKore a few months back when DjXtreme stole his shit and songs from a few others; I personally contacted the label, and the songs were immediately removed, and DjXtreme lost his label rights. I guess doing a good deed for one person will lead to a good deed in return. ;)


2011-03-19 22:42:01

I love how modest you are.

mr-jazzman responds:

I try. ;)