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Merry Christmas! It's time to vote!

2010-12-24 02:38:05 by mr-jazzman

Hey everybody! Recently, I sent a news post out telling y'all that I would need some help soon. Well, now it's time! If you so choose, go to this link and cast your vote! m/#!/submissions/show/38873 (No Spaces =P)

(I apologize for the lack of a proper hyperlink, but the link I plug in takes you to the wrong page! Just copy-paste, please! =P)

*NOTE: You can even vote MORE THAN ONCE if you have SEPARATE EMAILS to vote from(although I'm not entirely sure how it works... =P).

So please, if you so choose, help me out. Thank you, God bless y'all, and Merry Christmas! =D

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,


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2010-12-24 21:15:07

Merry Christmas!

mr-jazzman responds:

Thanks! Spread the word!


2010-12-28 01:44:28

I voted for you. Excellent song, dude. Really, really catchy. I like the little sliver of formant you put in there. That was amusing.

mr-jazzman responds:

You're welcome man, glad you liked it!


2011-02-02 06:20:57

oh god jazzman shit u shoulda got second atleast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but oh well, u did a freaken great job man honestly u had my vote at the very biggining :D good luck to u in the future with ya music man and dnt forget u'll still have my vote on watever u make coz u sir are da man!