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Calling All Dubstep Fans! I Need Your Vote!

2010-12-19 16:39:45 by mr-jazzman

Merry Christmas everyone! For the holidays, I've cooked up a nice little remix for all of y'all to enjoy. It's a remix of Sleigh Bells' "Run The Heart" that I made for a contest on Indaba music. If you really like it, then starting on December 22nd, drop by the website below and give me a vote up (just look for "Sleigh Bells - Run The Heart (Jazzman Dubstep Remix)")! And spread the word too!

NOTE: THIS LINK IS BEING ABSOLUTELY RETARDED...if it takes you to my personal Indaba page, then click on the "SLEIGH BELLS "RUN THE HEART" REMIX CONTEST" OPPORTUNITY, and vote on "SLEIGH BELLS - RUN THE HEART (JAZZMAN DUBSTEP REMIX)" -- starting December 22nd!

Check it out!

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Also, I've got some more exciting news that I'll give y'all in the coming the mean time, help me out! I know a lot of y'all enjoy my music, so help me continue to give you eargasm after eargasm!


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2010-12-19 16:47:43

WOW!!!!so COOL!

(Updated ) mr-jazzman responds:

Yup! I hope you can still figure out how to vote on it when the time comes! Go here:!/opp ortun ities/sleigh-bells-run-the-heart

(no spaces ;) )


2010-12-25 01:04:28

Merry Christmas!