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Ultimate NG dubstep tune, remastered...and a new drumstep tune

2010-09-08 21:47:46 by mr-jazzman

For those of y'all interested in dubstep, check out my remaster of Reflections. Yes, it's loud; yes, it's bassy. I hope that's enough for you to listen...along with the fact that it has metal influences too!


Also, I recently made a drumstep tune, which is my take on Sakupen's "Hell Yes." I did remove that one about a week ago, but decided to reupload it. Here it is! If you like deep formant bass, you'll probably dig this one.

Iron God (Sakupen "Hell Yes" Drumstep Remix)

Enjoy! As I've stated before, I'm going to devote most of my time now to making an album. Hopefully it goes well; the stuff that I've been working on very recently has been extremely exciting and quite professional-sounding (a claim made not just by me but mostly by my friends), so I have a lot to look forward to - including a hell of a lot of inspiration and work! =P

In fact, if anyone wants to design an album cover for me in the future, I'd love to see it. There's many talented artists on NG, and many I'd be very proud to hire for the job! =D

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,

(Photo by keepwalking)

Ultimate NG dubstep tune, remastered...and a new drumstep tune


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2010-11-09 15:38:12

That Sakupen Drumstep remix, was truly amazing! I love that bitcrusher soundy robot voice! you have to keep it up! your my fav Dubstep artist here on NG!