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New drumstep tune, and some other remarks

2010-08-29 12:07:17 by mr-jazzman

If you like the sound of dubstep/drumstep, this one should get you excited. This is the NG version of it right here, meaning lower bitrate and some (slightly) experimental mastering. I want y'all to know that I almost didn't put this one up here because of some stuff that happened recently to some of my friends (see the previous news post), and also I want to start producing some professional stuff -- so y'all are lucky listening to it right now! Ultimately, it's because I have to upload it to the Audio Portal for the contest...=P Sorry, I know that sounds snide and prideful, saying that "my music is possibly too good for NG" (and some would highly disagree probably), but if I want to achieve my goals, I must prevent my greatest stuff from being subject to the free download.

Iron God (Sakupen - "Hell Yes" Drumstep Remix)

And since I want to take my music into a new direction besides the free forum, this is perhaps one of the last true tracks that I intend to make solely for NG. From here on out, most of my efforts will be directed towards producing an album. This is not to say that I won't be submitting anything here ever again, but it may be more experimental in nature. Jazzman is NOT dead; I am just taking it to a different level. I realize I have so much more to learn, and I believe that this path will ultimately teach me more than I can even imagine! =)

Thank you all who have supported me throughout the past year; y'all are the reason that I want to continue to make the best music I possibly can!

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep, drumstep, DnB, and heavy metal producer,


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2010-08-29 21:19:21

link no work

mr-jazzman responds:

Yeah, I deleted it. People 0-bombed it into oblivion, and I'm regretting making it free download here. I'll probably reload it closer to the remix deadline (around the end of September). Sorry! =( If you want to hear it still, check it out here (just make sure to set it in HD Quality): Ce40PGcQ0


2010-08-30 10:09:14

Holy shit! That tune was tight! :O why haven't I heard your stuff before? :( really awesome!

(Updated ) mr-jazzman responds:

Thanks man! Glad you checked it out! You probably haven't heard my stuff because it gets voted lower than everyone else's stuff/I get overshadowed by other people in other Gravey (who is one of my bretheren, don't get me wrong), or RNG, or Spikrodd (under Smith, John)...who now has the most popular dubstep song, passing up mine by a few hundred downloads...

but yeah, oh well lol. It really doesn't matter so much anymore, since I have bigger goals in mind now for my music. =)


2010-09-03 20:46:27

aww man that sucks. is that you madness day project?
heres mine its drumstep too n/359759


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