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Learn a lesson: Never ever steal someone's music

2010-08-07 22:07:11 by mr-jazzman

Hey folks! So I was just on Youtube, and I found a man named DJ Xtreme that ripped music from our very own Audio Portal artists, Aydin and xKore. Check it out:

/* */
This is the original, by XKore: Syntax

/* */
This is the original, by Aydin: MatrixStep

Unbelievable. I threw up when I saw this. I guess this means be extremely careful when you produce your music, and keep tabs on it.

Also, this is a good message to send out to everyone: NEVER STEAL ANOTHER ARTISTS MUSIC, EVEN IF IT'S A FREE DOWNLOAD. Seriously, it's such a douche thing to do. I know, I know, it's common sense...but then again, not really, apparently. Just don't do it, period, or I will personally go out on a crusade to shut you down and make sure you can never submit anything to another site on the Internet ever again.

Just lookin' out for my homeboys here on NG. ;) Have a good day y'all!

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,


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2010-08-07 22:26:20

Ungrateful fuckers!


2010-08-07 23:19:06

It's true that this is terrible...but isn't all NG music supposed to be free to spread around anyway? As long as proper credit it being given.

mr-jazzman responds:

That's the problem. Proper credit isn't being given.


2010-08-10 20:13:53

Dude thats nuts! I cant believe you even came across this guy tho. Thats some smooth detective work there! Was it just by chance?

mr-jazzman responds:

Lol kinda. The dude wanted to add me as a friend on Facebook, and so I checked out his music (in a nutshell, I was considering signing on to the same label he was on but declined). Well, we can just say I declined a friendship with him after I found out he was stealing music.

You may also notice that the video links above are now broken. You can solely and personally thank me for that. ;) (i.e., I was the reason his music got deleted and why he's in a shitload of trouble with copyright laws.)


2010-08-18 14:41:20

This guy sounds like a musical version of ebaums.


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