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Future Musical Endeavors (to include Metalstep! \m/\m/ >=D)

2010-07-18 21:51:46 by mr-jazzman

Alright, so I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I'm kind of bummed, but music is definitely gonna have to take a backburner as I go back to college life. So, some of the stuff that I've been planning on doing is either gonna be delayed or not happen at all. However, that doesn't mean I won't be able to develop some exciting tunes before the year finishes out. Currently, this is my list of endeavors for the rest of the year:

-Make my Metalstep tune
-Collab with my NGADM brother, Gravey (currently in the works)
-Collab with my first dubstep brother, Aydin (I'm thinkin somethin for Halloween. ;) )
-Probably another collab with my second dubstep brother, DJ FiendO (not entirely sure when)
-Collab with my third dubstep brother, Haywirehaywire (also not entirely sure when)
-Make 1 or 2 more excellent dubstep tunes in the vein of Mt. Eden, Pendulum, and Flux essential follow-up to Reflections. ;)
-Get back into a few warm-up Drum n Bass tunes...anyone down for an addition to my "Peril" series? =) I am, and I've got an amazing DnB sound goin now. No joke, I've got some drums that could rival Pendulum's now, and I'm kinda excited to show y'all when I'm done with it. =)

Really though, most of my efforts will be workin towards a 2 EPs that I came up with. I'm hoping that if they're good enough, I could possibly get signed. This is gonna take a lot of time, and I can only imagine how far my production quality will come in the next several years. I know now that I've got a decent sound, but I have a lot more to learn yet, for sure...I am, after all, merely an amateur producer. ;)

The project for NG that I'm extremely excited about is my metalstep tune. I've already got some ideas, and I've been listening in the most obscure corners of dubstep (as well as the most at-front) for inspiration...not to mention the most obscure corners of metal. Here's a few people that I'm already taking metalstep inspiration from: Graham Acidic, The Ghost Inside, Borgore, Substep, Trillbass, Flux Pavilion, Trolley Snatcha, Attack! Attack!, Karnivool, Dance Gavin Dance, Between the Buried and Me, August Burns Red, Bar9...there's a few others too, but I don't feel the need to mention them here...It does feel pretty weird mentioning metal bands next to dubstep groups too, btw. =P

So anyways, with that said, fasten your seatbelts, because even though I'm gonna be quite busy coming soon, I can only hope that I'll find time for my music to produce some excellent tunes! =)

Your friendly neighborhood >every genre that is awesome< producer,



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2010-07-19 17:14:16

Awesome! It certainly would be a sight to see "Mr. Jazzman" on the cover of a future CD album...

I recommend CreateSpace.

mr-jazzman responds:

Thanks for the recommendation man! =D And yes, it would be quite awesome. That's what I'm hopin to eventually achieve, is that!


2010-07-21 12:48:41

Mr Jazzman... Dubstep. I don't get it. lol

Collab? :U

mr-jazzman responds:

Lol funny thing is, my first love was metal, and "Jazzman" was just pretty much a joke...cuz I don't produce much jazz now, do I? (Although, I think I will eventually. ;) At least in combo with other stuff.) Dude, I'd love to collab with you at some point! =D


2010-07-28 03:35:01

Good luck. Btw, you should call them dupstep stepbrothers. Just a thought lol


2010-08-03 22:05:06

no collab with me??? :( sniff*