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"So people: Tell me you need a waking day to fall asleep; light the way, find your place in here." - Change (Part 2), Karnivool

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mr-jazzman's News

Posted by mr-jazzman - July 24th, 2011

Check it. Pretty sick, eh? >:D

Posted by mr-jazzman - June 3rd, 2011

Hey y'all! Got some epic new tunes out! Check 'em out on Youtube! >:D (I may consider applying 30-second promos here, but nothing more than that! Sorry folks; if I'm to release a legit EP, it can't be more than that! :( )

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,
-Bassfly (formerly Jazzman)

Posted by mr-jazzman - March 27th, 2011

Hey everyone!

Yes, I have an important announcement to make...


After so many years of being the generic "mr-jazzman", I believe that I have finally found my niche as a dubstep/dubcore/DnB producer. Don't get me wrong! I love all forms of music (except for country >P), but this is what I've been passionate about fulfilling.

So, I need to change my name to fit the genre I'm producing a little better. Not only does "mr-jazzman" return a very ambiguous answer on Youtube, Soundcloud, etc., but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with what I'm producing currently. Does it debase the fanbase I've already made? Hopefully not! =\ I'm still the same person producing the same bass-heavy music that y'all love...I just have a different name.

Hence, if you see the name "Bassfly" out there on the internet, be sure it's me! =D

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,
-Jonathan Doemel

I'm Changing My Name

Posted by mr-jazzman - February 27th, 2011

Hi there folks! Many of you may think that I haven't been alive. But it's in fact been the exact opposite for me. I've been creating some absolute masterpieces of late, and I hope to be releasing them soon. Among them (and besides the Reflections 2 that I've been planning to release at some point this year) is a song that I'm titling "Refractions," my sequel to what many claim is one of the best dubstep tunes on NG, "Reflections." Keep your ears peeled for this one, because I hope to release a demo of it shortly here for y'all to nibble on as I continue to work on my EP.

Also, many thanks to everyone who voted in the Indaba Run The Heart Remix Contest for me! As a result of your votes, I came in 4th place overall -- good enough to win the merchandise! When it finally gets mailed to me, I'll show y'all exactly what you helped me win! =D

Thanks a bunch, and keep on rockin' (or skankin', whichever you prefer. ;) )

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,

Posted by mr-jazzman - December 24th, 2010

Hey everybody! Recently, I sent a news post out telling y'all that I would need some help soon. Well, now it's time! If you so choose, go to this link and cast your vote!

indabamusic.co m/#!/submissions/show/38873 (No Spaces =P)

(I apologize for the lack of a proper hyperlink, but the link I plug in takes you to the wrong page! Just copy-paste, please! =P)

*NOTE: You can even vote MORE THAN ONCE if you have SEPARATE EMAILS to vote from(although I'm not entirely sure how it works... =P).

So please, if you so choose, help me out. Thank you, God bless y'all, and Merry Christmas! =D

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,

Posted by mr-jazzman - December 19th, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone! For the holidays, I've cooked up a nice little remix for all of y'all to enjoy. It's a remix of Sleigh Bells' "Run The Heart" that I made for a contest on Indaba music. If you really like it, then starting on December 22nd, drop by the website below and give me a vote up (just look for "Sleigh Bells - Run The Heart (Jazzman Dubstep Remix)")! And spread the word too!

NOTE: THIS LINK IS BEING ABSOLUTELY RETARDED...if it takes you to my personal Indaba page, then click on the "SLEIGH BELLS "RUN THE HEART" REMIX CONTEST" OPPORTUNITY, and vote on "SLEIGH BELLS - RUN THE HEART (JAZZMAN DUBSTEP REMIX)" -- starting December 22nd!

Check it out!

/* */
Also, I've got some more exciting news that I'll give y'all in the coming days...in the mean time, help me out! I know a lot of y'all enjoy my music, so help me continue to give you eargasm after eargasm!

Posted by mr-jazzman - September 8th, 2010

For those of y'all interested in dubstep, check out my remaster of Reflections. Yes, it's loud; yes, it's bassy. I hope that's enough for you to listen...along with the fact that it has metal influences too!


Also, I recently made a drumstep tune, which is my take on Sakupen's "Hell Yes." I did remove that one about a week ago, but decided to reupload it. Here it is! If you like deep formant bass, you'll probably dig this one.

Iron God (Sakupen "Hell Yes" Drumstep Remix)

Enjoy! As I've stated before, I'm going to devote most of my time now to making an album. Hopefully it goes well; the stuff that I've been working on very recently has been extremely exciting and quite professional-sounding (a claim made not just by me but mostly by my friends), so I have a lot to look forward to - including a hell of a lot of inspiration and work! =P

In fact, if anyone wants to design an album cover for me in the future, I'd love to see it. There's many talented artists on NG, and many I'd be very proud to hire for the job! =D

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,

(Photo by keepwalking)

Ultimate NG dubstep tune, remastered...and a new drumstep tune

Posted by mr-jazzman - August 29th, 2010

If you like the sound of dubstep/drumstep, this one should get you excited. This is the NG version of it right here, meaning lower bitrate and some (slightly) experimental mastering. I want y'all to know that I almost didn't put this one up here because of some stuff that happened recently to some of my friends (see the previous news post), and also I want to start producing some professional stuff -- so y'all are lucky listening to it right now! Ultimately, it's because I have to upload it to the Audio Portal for the contest...=P Sorry, I know that sounds snide and prideful, saying that "my music is possibly too good for NG" (and some would highly disagree probably), but if I want to achieve my goals, I must prevent my greatest stuff from being subject to the free download.

Iron God (Sakupen - "Hell Yes" Drumstep Remix)

And since I want to take my music into a new direction besides the free forum, this is perhaps one of the last true tracks that I intend to make solely for NG. From here on out, most of my efforts will be directed towards producing an album. This is not to say that I won't be submitting anything here ever again, but it may be more experimental in nature. Jazzman is NOT dead; I am just taking it to a different level. I realize I have so much more to learn, and I believe that this path will ultimately teach me more than I can even imagine! =)

Thank you all who have supported me throughout the past year; y'all are the reason that I want to continue to make the best music I possibly can!

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep, drumstep, DnB, and heavy metal producer,

Posted by mr-jazzman - August 7th, 2010

Hey folks! So I was just on Youtube, and I found a man named DJ Xtreme that ripped music from our very own Audio Portal artists, Aydin and xKore. Check it out:

/* */
This is the original, by XKore: Syntax

/* */
This is the original, by Aydin: MatrixStep

Unbelievable. I threw up when I saw this. I guess this means be extremely careful when you produce your music, and keep tabs on it.

Also, this is a good message to send out to everyone: NEVER STEAL ANOTHER ARTISTS MUSIC, EVEN IF IT'S A FREE DOWNLOAD. Seriously, it's such a douche thing to do. I know, I know, it's common sense...but then again, not really, apparently. Just don't do it, period, or I will personally go out on a crusade to shut you down and make sure you can never submit anything to another site on the Internet ever again.

Just lookin' out for my homeboys here on NG. ;) Have a good day y'all!

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,

Posted by mr-jazzman - July 18th, 2010

Alright, so I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I'm kind of bummed, but music is definitely gonna have to take a backburner as I go back to college life. So, some of the stuff that I've been planning on doing is either gonna be delayed or not happen at all. However, that doesn't mean I won't be able to develop some exciting tunes before the year finishes out. Currently, this is my list of endeavors for the rest of the year:

-Make my Metalstep tune
-Collab with my NGADM brother, Gravey (currently in the works)
-Collab with my first dubstep brother, Aydin (I'm thinkin somethin for Halloween. ;) )
-Probably another collab with my second dubstep brother, DJ FiendO (not entirely sure when)
-Collab with my third dubstep brother, Haywirehaywire (also not entirely sure when)
-Make 1 or 2 more excellent dubstep tunes in the vein of Mt. Eden, Pendulum, and Flux Pavilion...an essential follow-up to Reflections. ;)
-Get back into a few warm-up Drum n Bass tunes...anyone down for an addition to my "Peril" series? =) I am, and I've got an amazing DnB sound goin now. No joke, I've got some drums that could rival Pendulum's now, and I'm kinda excited to show y'all when I'm done with it. =)

Really though, most of my efforts will be workin towards a 2 EPs that I came up with. I'm hoping that if they're good enough, I could possibly get signed. This is gonna take a lot of time, and I can only imagine how far my production quality will come in the next several years. I know now that I've got a decent sound, but I have a lot more to learn yet, for sure...I am, after all, merely an amateur producer. ;)

The project for NG that I'm extremely excited about is my metalstep tune. I've already got some ideas, and I've been listening in the most obscure corners of dubstep (as well as the most at-front) for inspiration...not to mention the most obscure corners of metal. Here's a few people that I'm already taking metalstep inspiration from: Graham Acidic, The Ghost Inside, Borgore, Substep, Trillbass, Flux Pavilion, Trolley Snatcha, Attack! Attack!, Karnivool, Dance Gavin Dance, Between the Buried and Me, August Burns Red, Bar9...there's a few others too, but I don't feel the need to mention them here...It does feel pretty weird mentioning metal bands next to dubstep groups too, btw. =P

So anyways, with that said, fasten your seatbelts, because even though I'm gonna be quite busy coming soon, I can only hope that I'll find time for my music to produce some excellent tunes! =)

Your friendly neighborhood >every genre that is awesome< producer,